Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well, I haven't received a new stimulus check yet, have you? Just wondering. There is actually a rumor floating around that there are places where you can go wait in line for money from the government. Some people are idiots, and most of them are liberals. Tax break, or check? What do you think is the answer? If you think either is good then you are a moron. Where do you think the money comes from? Does anybody have a clue how much of America is owned by the Chinese. They are like Bill Gates and the U.S. is Microsoft. China is the major shareholder of our country. Just keep handing out money though. Bail everyone out for their stupid choices. Hey dear, let's buy this house that we can't afford. We can get it for no money down! Cool, then we can borrow against the equity (because the appraiser over appraised it to keep working for the lender) and we can buy two new cars and a couple of 4-wheelers. We can handle it, the bank says so. Sounds good dear, where do we sign. And so it goes. This really happens. Gotta keep up with the Jones. Enough of that. No one is going to read my blog if I always start it off with a downer like that.

Madden's are pregnant, Ford's are pregnant Pyatt's are prego, we aren't :) We are pregnant with a grandkid (Bret & Britt). I'm pretty excited about that. I hope he doesn't look like Dave Madden. We sure miss some of the young couples that left our ward. The new ones are boring. We do have one that thinks he is the next Roy Pyatt. I don't think he "carrries" though, Roy.

The Zags are looking good! They have really come around the last couple of weeks. I know, the weak WCC will help a team with that. However, they have been blowing teams out big so I hope that means something. We will find out this Thursday when they play St. Marie's at home. Can't wait for that one. It will be a big, loud game. One poll has them ranked ahead of us. That won't last for long. My boy Bouldin is on fire! He has been playing his butt off the last few weeks.

Allie is going to Las Vegas in a couple weeks for another volleyball tournament. Donna is meeting Bret, Britt and Ryleigh down there. My turn to stay home. I go with her to Denver later and then to Florida for Junior Olympics over the 4th of July. It's what we do. It's cheaper than paying for rehab for our kids. Her team won a tournament in Spokane this last Sunday (Allie didn't play-I'm proud of her!). Junior Olympics ends on a Saturday so we are very excited about that. Here is a short video of her big hits against Lewis & Clark this year. Watch the one where it bangs off the LC player and into the player on the bench. Pretty cool! Have the sound turned up when you watch!

Baily just started driver's ed. today. My baby is learning to drive! I'm not ready for this. Hard to believe she turns 16 this August. I can't wait to pay insurance for another teenage driver.

24 is great, isn't it? Gonna be a good season. Jack Bauer isn't waiting for a stimulus check.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Zags and Gays

The Zags won on Saturday against Portland. Life is good! Big game against Santa Clara this Thursday at home. They always give us fits. They have a pretty good big man. I had to give away our tickets for this coming Saturdays game against San Francisco. I'll be in Phoenix with Allie for a volleyball tournament. Oh well, I'll live. We gave our tickets to a teacher at the high school. They are big fans and have never been to a game. It felt good to make their day.

You need to check out Donna's new blog at rigginfamilynews.blogspot.com She will talk more about what's going on with our family, but more importantly, couponing. She is the master, and will share her deals with you. So, whoever does the shopping in your family (Bobby), you better pay attention. This is more than just clipping coupons once a week. It's a science and she is good at it. We're talking big savings! Check it out.

If this weather holds, I think I will be able to sneak in a road ride on Thursday! That will cover me for riding in January. The indoor trainer is getting old already.

Ry just called. They had a guest teacher at school today. He was gay. Go figure, a gay hair stylist. They're everywhere, even in Utah. I hear they recruit. Makes my skin crawl. Enough of this rampant homosexuality that is pervading our country, let's talk about something else. Not yet...Is it just me, or does every show on T.V. have some sort of reference about homosexuality? The liberals that run the television industry are morons. It's normal, they say. It's mainstream. Wrong. But I was born this way! Right.

The first four episodes of 24 have aired. Am I the only one that is excited about this? Best show on T.V. right now. Looks like it will be way better than last season. I wish it was on every night. Jack Bauer's not gay.

I'll end on that.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Zags Win! (Finally) And Other Thoughts

Finally! The Zags got a big monkey off their back last night with a road win over Tennessee. During the first half I thought "here we go again" with another uninspired performance. But, they rallied from being down by almost 20 to winning by 10 in overtime. This will be a big boost for them heading into league play on Saturday. Donna and I can't wait to get to the game. We really enjoy our time together at the Zag games. Buying season tickets was the best date money we ever spent. My boy Matt Bouldin had a great game with 26 points. He's "the glue" baby!! Here is a pic of Baily with Robert Sacre who should be back soon from a broken foot. Notice he is on the floor and Baily is in the stands and they still are pretty much the same height. He's over 7' tall.

Ryleigh finally met one of her roommates. She is staying at the Brandbury which is BYU approved housing. This means they have to live the church standards, right? Well, it was days before she actually saw her roommate. She knew she was there but she was always locked in her room. She thought maybe she was just shy or weird or something. Well, the other morning Ry gets up early for school and walks down the hall to the bathroom and who should come out of the other room? A guy. This girl apparently likes sleepovers. So, now Ry is dealing with this. Maybe she is doing some type of home study course. I'll let you know how this turns out.

Allie is getting ready for a big volleyball tourney in Phoenix on January 16th-19th. She was asked to play for the Spokane Splash club which is coached by the Eastern Washington University coaches. They have shown interest in her, so she thought it would be a good idea to play for them. They will be all over the country ending up in Miami for Junior Olympics. It is a lot of fun watching her play! She is just under 6' tall. She was named to the 1st team All Greater Spokane League Team this year as a Junior. Can you tell I am a proud Daddy? Here she is getting ready to smash!

O.K., I have been watching President-Elect Obama lately and I have a thought. Tell me what you think. Especially you Jim Parke.

I think he is a lot like a fence post turtle. You don't know what a fence post turtle is? Let me enlighten you. You've seen them out in the country, a turtle sitting on top of a fence post. The turtle is thinking the exact same thing you are thinking and also, I assume, (here's my thought) the same thing that is going through Obamas mind. And that is - How in the heck did I get up here, and want in the world do I do know? Did you see the pic in the paper today of him and the four living ex-presidents? He looked liked the above mentioned fence post turtle. Hide your guns! Hide your money!

I believe a house can be haunted...more on this later.

A new DVD that is out called Glenn Beck's Conversion Story is highly recommended. A fantastic story. Worth buying. If you don't know who Glenn Beck is then I don't care if you ever read my blog. Just kidding (mostly).

If this snow keeps melting I'll be on my mountain bike in January. We try to hit every month at least once in the winter. That way we can say we rode all year. Riding the old trainer indoors gets old but is a necessity. I plan on doing a couple of mountain bike races this year and a few road rides.

More later...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back Home!

Just returned from Utah last night at about 7:30 pm. Roads were better so it didn't take as long coming home as it did going there. Wasn't thrilled to see all the snow still here, but I really knew it wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon. In case you are interested, we got over 5' of snow in the month on December.

It was nice to visit with Bret & Britt for a few days. It got a little cramped in their apartment, but it was a good time. I'm pretty excited to be a grandpa. Due date is 7-29-09. Donna can't walk by baby clothes without looking now. Funny how this comes full circle. Slowly get rid of kids and slowly have more join the family. We're excited!

The other part of the trip was to take Ryleigh down to move into her apartment because she begins cosmetology school at Dallas Roberts on Jan. 6th. She will be there for about 12-14 months depending on the hours she gets in. It was hard letting my little girl go. She has just a great personality that will be missed at home. Plus, she likes guns and knives and fire. I am such a proud dad. She is really excited to be on her own and hang with her friends that go to BYU. Plus, her place is close to Bret's so they can see each other when they want too. It's a lot more quiet at home as I write this with two out of four kids gone.

Now, about the Zags. They did not play well in Utah. They haven't played well in a while. Now they have to go to Knoxville and play Tennessee. They play like they have no confidence at all. I'm not a fair weather fan, but it ticks me off how they have been playing lately. I need to take Donna's advice and chill and remember it IS a game. Right.

I recently got my Federal Firearms License which means I am a licensed gun dealer now. It's just to dabble in, but it is fun to be able to buy wholesale and transfer guns for people. So, if anyone needs a gun let me know. I can save you money. I'm worried that our new president will try to start up the gun bans again even worse than the Clinton Administration did. I am stocking up on high cap magazines and AR 15 parts and ammo. You never know. You all should get your concealed weapons permits while you can too. Exercise that 2nd Amendment right!!

Well, I wil continue to post as often as I can. Some will be what's going on with my family and some will be rants. Some will be just to fire you up. Who knows?

I love my family.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

First ever blog post!

We are in Utah right now visiting Bret and Britt (oldest son and daughter in law). Also, we are dropping Ryleigh (our oldest daughter) off in Provo for cosmetology school. Allie (middle daughter) and Baily (youngest) are with us too.

We took adavantage of this trip to watch the Zags play Utah. It wasn't good. More on this in later posts.

I will use this blog to keep people up to date on our family, talk about the zags, use as a personal diary, and vent my thoughts on everything else that is important to me.

Just so we get this out of the way right away.. I am NOT a liberal. I did NOT want Obama to win, I exercise my right to carry a gun, etc.

Just because I am an avid biker does not make me a tree hugger.

More to follow. Would love to hear all comments.