Thursday, January 1, 2009

First ever blog post!

We are in Utah right now visiting Bret and Britt (oldest son and daughter in law). Also, we are dropping Ryleigh (our oldest daughter) off in Provo for cosmetology school. Allie (middle daughter) and Baily (youngest) are with us too.

We took adavantage of this trip to watch the Zags play Utah. It wasn't good. More on this in later posts.

I will use this blog to keep people up to date on our family, talk about the zags, use as a personal diary, and vent my thoughts on everything else that is important to me.

Just so we get this out of the way right away.. I am NOT a liberal. I did NOT want Obama to win, I exercise my right to carry a gun, etc.

Just because I am an avid biker does not make me a tree hugger.

More to follow. Would love to hear all comments.

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  1. had fun visiting with ya dad! cant wait to see you guys in the spring when we move up there!! love ya