Thursday, January 8, 2009

Zags Win! (Finally) And Other Thoughts

Finally! The Zags got a big monkey off their back last night with a road win over Tennessee. During the first half I thought "here we go again" with another uninspired performance. But, they rallied from being down by almost 20 to winning by 10 in overtime. This will be a big boost for them heading into league play on Saturday. Donna and I can't wait to get to the game. We really enjoy our time together at the Zag games. Buying season tickets was the best date money we ever spent. My boy Matt Bouldin had a great game with 26 points. He's "the glue" baby!! Here is a pic of Baily with Robert Sacre who should be back soon from a broken foot. Notice he is on the floor and Baily is in the stands and they still are pretty much the same height. He's over 7' tall.

Ryleigh finally met one of her roommates. She is staying at the Brandbury which is BYU approved housing. This means they have to live the church standards, right? Well, it was days before she actually saw her roommate. She knew she was there but she was always locked in her room. She thought maybe she was just shy or weird or something. Well, the other morning Ry gets up early for school and walks down the hall to the bathroom and who should come out of the other room? A guy. This girl apparently likes sleepovers. So, now Ry is dealing with this. Maybe she is doing some type of home study course. I'll let you know how this turns out.

Allie is getting ready for a big volleyball tourney in Phoenix on January 16th-19th. She was asked to play for the Spokane Splash club which is coached by the Eastern Washington University coaches. They have shown interest in her, so she thought it would be a good idea to play for them. They will be all over the country ending up in Miami for Junior Olympics. It is a lot of fun watching her play! She is just under 6' tall. She was named to the 1st team All Greater Spokane League Team this year as a Junior. Can you tell I am a proud Daddy? Here she is getting ready to smash!

O.K., I have been watching President-Elect Obama lately and I have a thought. Tell me what you think. Especially you Jim Parke.

I think he is a lot like a fence post turtle. You don't know what a fence post turtle is? Let me enlighten you. You've seen them out in the country, a turtle sitting on top of a fence post. The turtle is thinking the exact same thing you are thinking and also, I assume, (here's my thought) the same thing that is going through Obamas mind. And that is - How in the heck did I get up here, and want in the world do I do know? Did you see the pic in the paper today of him and the four living ex-presidents? He looked liked the above mentioned fence post turtle. Hide your guns! Hide your money!

I believe a house can be haunted...more on this later.

A new DVD that is out called Glenn Beck's Conversion Story is highly recommended. A fantastic story. Worth buying. If you don't know who Glenn Beck is then I don't care if you ever read my blog. Just kidding (mostly).

If this snow keeps melting I'll be on my mountain bike in January. We try to hit every month at least once in the winter. That way we can say we rode all year. Riding the old trainer indoors gets old but is a necessity. I plan on doing a couple of mountain bike races this year and a few road rides.

More later...


  1. Fence post turtle?...i like it. but at the same time, i can see him as a bad wii get what you pay for, right? and dad...dont fall off your indoor bike! And remember... "Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge where there is no river."

  2. We watched the Glenn Beck Conversion and it is excellent.

  3. The only difference between Obama and a fence post turtle is that Obama will not be able to hide in his shell come inaguration day. Its like electing a sunbeam to serve as a stake president.

    Go Zags!