Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Zags and Gays

The Zags won on Saturday against Portland. Life is good! Big game against Santa Clara this Thursday at home. They always give us fits. They have a pretty good big man. I had to give away our tickets for this coming Saturdays game against San Francisco. I'll be in Phoenix with Allie for a volleyball tournament. Oh well, I'll live. We gave our tickets to a teacher at the high school. They are big fans and have never been to a game. It felt good to make their day.

You need to check out Donna's new blog at rigginfamilynews.blogspot.com She will talk more about what's going on with our family, but more importantly, couponing. She is the master, and will share her deals with you. So, whoever does the shopping in your family (Bobby), you better pay attention. This is more than just clipping coupons once a week. It's a science and she is good at it. We're talking big savings! Check it out.

If this weather holds, I think I will be able to sneak in a road ride on Thursday! That will cover me for riding in January. The indoor trainer is getting old already.

Ry just called. They had a guest teacher at school today. He was gay. Go figure, a gay hair stylist. They're everywhere, even in Utah. I hear they recruit. Makes my skin crawl. Enough of this rampant homosexuality that is pervading our country, let's talk about something else. Not yet...Is it just me, or does every show on T.V. have some sort of reference about homosexuality? The liberals that run the television industry are morons. It's normal, they say. It's mainstream. Wrong. But I was born this way! Right.

The first four episodes of 24 have aired. Am I the only one that is excited about this? Best show on T.V. right now. Looks like it will be way better than last season. I wish it was on every night. Jack Bauer's not gay.

I'll end on that.


  1. "General gunfight rule: shoot first, ask questions later. Bauer gunfight rule: shoot first, shoot later, shoot some more, and when everyone's dead, ask a couple o' questions."

    "Jack Bauer's poker face is so good he once won a game of poker with monopoly money, an eight card from uno, a joker, a visa card, a tissue, and an iPod nano."

  2. Are you sure Jack isn't gay? He use to be married but it could have been a cover up. I mean... look at Bret! Actually I have no idea I haven't seen 24 in 2 years cause we don't have TV. Too much money for nothing good to watch. (which means Bethany has a death grip on my balls) Just thought I would let you know... we are having a boy. Bethany's due date is June 23rd.

  3. and no I will not name the baby Ray... after the father. I know that is what you were going to say, wasn't it?

  4. why not? I'm naming our little girl (if that's what happens) Dave.

  5. sorry, that was me...not britt

  6. I'll second that. It seems like everytime they put a good show out, they ruin it by trying to accomodate this other lifestyle. :-( Anyways, 24 is the best!

    I hope Zags can pull it off against St. Maries. I know they can do it!

  7. Love the blog, but I don't know how I feel about being mentioned in a blog with gay in the title.