Saturday, February 14, 2009

I love my "Smokin' Hot" wife!!

This is a very special day for me. 25 years ago today I met my wife. It was Valentines day 1984 and a very handsome missionary (that would be me) got transferred to Spring Valley, CA near San Diego. One of the first lessons I taught in that area were to a very good looking redhead named Donna. Man, "what a set of legs" I thought to myself. I don't know if I should have thought that, but I did. No more details, the rest is history. Looking back on it, that moment (and deciding to go on a mission at 21) changed my life forever. I'm not trying to make you cry Dave and Bobby, but I REALLY love my wife! Unfortunately for me, Donna and Allie are in Las Vegas this weekend for a volleyball tournament. Ryleigh drove down from Provo to be with them, so that leaves me and the Beezer alone this weekend. We celebrated Valentines day by going to a gun show in Idaho and I also bought her a knife for Valentines day. I love my daughters. No flowers, just weapons.

I hate stupid volleyball coaches!

Has anybody seen their stimulus check yet? I will use mine to buy another assault rifle. For me, not my daughters. They can get their own. Am I the only one bothered by some of the stuff this stimulus package is going to pay for? All you uninvolved, and ignorant people should pay attention to what our president is doing with our money. The bill has over 1200 pages to it. This is stupid. Over 300 million dollars for STD education. Really? If you think she has something, stay away. Duhh! Here's an idea stupid, how about no sex until your married. This is your money they are giving away for this. I don't know how an active LDS person could in good conscience have voted democrat. I will listen if you can give me a good reason, but you can't. Something that you thought of by yourself, not heard on TV or CNN (the Obama Network). Our money is bailing out these CEO morons who made millions and millions and make millions and millions when they are let go. What a country.

Did I mention I really love my wife?

24 is still really good this season. I hope that at some point in the show Jack needs a hacksaw. It's also not so preachy to the left this year. If you don't know what that meant, then you are one of the uninvolved and ignorant people I was talking about above. Another show that we really like is The Big Bang Theory. A very simple show, but hilarious. Give it a couple of episodes.

Pyatt's, Madden's, Ford's, Bret & Britt, etc. all having babies. That is so cool! I hope none of them look like Dave.

We really miss all the young couples that were in our ward. So far, the new ones are lame (that's what I thought about Roy until I found out he "carried", so I won't be to judgemental. By the way Roy, guess who is a new gospel doctrine teacher? And you thought I would never amount to anything.

Get your concealed weapons permits now while you still can. Exercise your right given to you by the 2nd Amendment. And most importantly your wife. You know I do!


  1. Nothin' says lovin' like a semiautomatic weapon. Happy Valentines Day. Sorry to hear that the new couples in your ward are lame - everyone can't be as exciting as Roy. Remember, we had to endure four years of Jimmy Carter to get President Reagan - the blessing always comes after the trial.

  2. Obama is just here to help bring about the second coming faster. I went on my mission when I was 21 too, if I hadn't I wouldn't have met my wife either.

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  4. Out of all those people who are pregers. I really hope the kid that looks like Dave... will be MINE! If I end up with a black baby though that would be pretty cool. Can you dig it? Did I ever show you my Springfield XD sub-compact? The last time I went shooting was Thanksgiving. Ammo is so stinking expensive, especially for a poor starving college student. Does anyone want to tell me why I did this? Oh yeah, I couldn't put on anymore roofs because there are none to put on!