Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well, I haven't received a new stimulus check yet, have you? Just wondering. There is actually a rumor floating around that there are places where you can go wait in line for money from the government. Some people are idiots, and most of them are liberals. Tax break, or check? What do you think is the answer? If you think either is good then you are a moron. Where do you think the money comes from? Does anybody have a clue how much of America is owned by the Chinese. They are like Bill Gates and the U.S. is Microsoft. China is the major shareholder of our country. Just keep handing out money though. Bail everyone out for their stupid choices. Hey dear, let's buy this house that we can't afford. We can get it for no money down! Cool, then we can borrow against the equity (because the appraiser over appraised it to keep working for the lender) and we can buy two new cars and a couple of 4-wheelers. We can handle it, the bank says so. Sounds good dear, where do we sign. And so it goes. This really happens. Gotta keep up with the Jones. Enough of that. No one is going to read my blog if I always start it off with a downer like that.

Madden's are pregnant, Ford's are pregnant Pyatt's are prego, we aren't :) We are pregnant with a grandkid (Bret & Britt). I'm pretty excited about that. I hope he doesn't look like Dave Madden. We sure miss some of the young couples that left our ward. The new ones are boring. We do have one that thinks he is the next Roy Pyatt. I don't think he "carrries" though, Roy.

The Zags are looking good! They have really come around the last couple of weeks. I know, the weak WCC will help a team with that. However, they have been blowing teams out big so I hope that means something. We will find out this Thursday when they play St. Marie's at home. Can't wait for that one. It will be a big, loud game. One poll has them ranked ahead of us. That won't last for long. My boy Bouldin is on fire! He has been playing his butt off the last few weeks.

Allie is going to Las Vegas in a couple weeks for another volleyball tournament. Donna is meeting Bret, Britt and Ryleigh down there. My turn to stay home. I go with her to Denver later and then to Florida for Junior Olympics over the 4th of July. It's what we do. It's cheaper than paying for rehab for our kids. Her team won a tournament in Spokane this last Sunday (Allie didn't play-I'm proud of her!). Junior Olympics ends on a Saturday so we are very excited about that. Here is a short video of her big hits against Lewis & Clark this year. Watch the one where it bangs off the LC player and into the player on the bench. Pretty cool! Have the sound turned up when you watch!

Baily just started driver's ed. today. My baby is learning to drive! I'm not ready for this. Hard to believe she turns 16 this August. I can't wait to pay insurance for another teenage driver.

24 is great, isn't it? Gonna be a good season. Jack Bauer isn't waiting for a stimulus check.


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  2. i hope he doesnt look like dave either!

  3. What is wrong with Dave?!? I heard that he is one sexy dude! At least that is what is written on all the stall walls in all the girls bathrooms at BYU-I.

  4. I just have been watching 3:10 to Yuma and the other new western. Appaloosa. they are good if you are into R rated movies. No sex just a lot of killing.